KSRTC Volvo Bus will Turn off the AC when there are more passengers

I (Sachin Hari) had a very bad experience with ksrtc eenchakal lowfloor ac depot staff. It was on the day of Postal assistant exam 3-4 months ago. I boarded a ac lowfloor bus from attingal to trivandrum.

The bus was overloaded with 80+ passengers and there was a very young conductor he told driver to shut off ac and there was a fight with ppl and conductor to turn it back on.One guy nearly tried to hit him but everyone interfered and calmed him.

But 1.5 hours journey without ac without fan ppl started to suffocate and got angry then they switched on the fan after kazhakuttom (30 mins without oxygen).The conductor said ac shouldnt be operated if no of passengers is above 60(that was his dumb reason).

Very bad experience.Even after reaching palayam bus became half even then they didnt switch on ac for atleast 5 mins.

I was sweating like it rained and so were everyone in it.That’s the last time i boarded lowfloor buses.Super deluxe is 10 rs cheaper and faster and more comfortable than these buses.