Makaravilakku Season: KSRTC to Run More Buses

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The KSRTC Pampa bus Station is gearing up to meet the rush of pilgrims during the Makaravilakku season. Talking to ‘Express,’ Pampa KSRTC special officer Manoj said that an additional number of 100 buses would be deployed for the Pampa-Nilackal chain service during the coming days.

If needed, additional buses would be deployed by pooling buses from the nearby RTC depots for the Nilackal chain service, Manoj said. He said that an aggregate number of 100 buses were being operated for the Pampa-Nilackal chain service at present for the convenience of pilgrims.

Manoj said an additional number of 100 buses would be pressed into service for long-route destinations. After the beginning of Makaravilakku season, an additional number of 20 buses each were allotted to Chengannur and Kottayam KSRTC stations for the operation of Pampa schedules, Manoj said. During the peak Makaravilakku season, additional buses would be allotted to the depots for the Pampa schedule, he said.

Manoj said that an additional number of 10 low-floor buses would be deployed for Thiruvananthapuram, Chengannur, Kottayam, Ernakulam and Alappuzha RTC stations during the peak Makaravilakku season days.

The plan for deployment of additional number of low-floor buses would be based on the response of the pilgrims to the present schedules by using the new category of buses, he said.

The inter-state schedules of the KSRTC to Bangalore, Tenkasi, Palani and Coimbatore were running to full capacity, Manoj said.

News: New Indian Express