KSRTC Buses from Ernakulam Railway Station to Pamba

In order to facilitate the travel of pilgrims who wish to go to Pampa, the KSRTC has started special bus services from the Ernakulam railway station and KSRTC bus station.

According to KSRTC officials, the Corporation has arranged four regular services directly from the Ernakulam bus station to Pampa.

At present, two services has been listed on Online Reservation Portal (http://www.keralartc.in/KERALAOnline). One is a Fast Passenger service which departs at 9 AM and reaches Pamba by 2 PM. Another one is a Super Fast service which depart from Ernakulam at 21.30 and reaches Pamba by 02.00 AM.


Along with the fixed services, the KSRTC will deploy more buses to Pampa based on demand. Six KSRTC buses are stationed at at the Ernakulam Junction Railway Station on a daily basis for pilgrims who arrive from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

A special counter in regard to this facility has been opened at the Ernakulam Junction railway station. Special announcements will be made in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam for to inform pilgrims of the available services.

The charge for a superfast bus service from Ernakulam to Pampa is `148 and Fast Passenger will cost 141.

All the buses will be running via Vaikkom, Kottayam & Erumeli