We have all heard about Coimbatore. Some mallus boost in olden times that they went to buy clothes from Coimbatore. Meanwhile Kerala is well connected with our own proud “AANAVADI” from morning 3am to 10.30pm with services to different destinations in Kerala. When we boost about the VOLVO Services and Super Deluxe Air Buses plying through Kerala and Bangalore Sector. We haven’t turn back to Coimbatore sector and have a glance to the condition of Ticket Booking Center of our own “AANAVADI”.


The station master office and ticket booking center situates in the same complex. The office is used as also a Resting room for the station master also, when we compare with station master office and ticket booking center of Karnataka RTC. Karnataka RTC provides the staff with AC station master and ticket booking center. It’s time to change the setup of Coimbatore Ticket booking center of “AANAVADI”. Kerala SRTC should start a resting room facility with all the basic amenities for the staffs. The staffs drive all the way from South and North of Kerala and if they doesn’t a proper rest rather than sleeping in buses can causes STAFF FATIGUE.

The STAFF Fatigue can cause damage to the Staff, Kerala SRTC and mainly commuters trusting the Kerala SRTC. The Kerala RTC should introduce Volvo and Super Deluxe services to Coimbatore station as well touching Salem.

Guest Author : Anbu John Boban