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KSRTC Bangalore: 080 26756666
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  1. KeSRTC is downgrading it’s AC services and KaSRTC is upgrading it’s services, recently travelled by BLR-Payannur Rajahamsa AC and was good, it is 230HP AL bus with AC and Air-suspension, previously it was operated as Rajahamsa service

  2. Eventhough the service is downgraded, passengers can now have a breakless journey throughout. When AC bus was there, we couldn’t expect the bus will reach or not in time. But it would be more helpful if the Super Express bus introduced might had reclining seats like TVM/EKM-CBE Exp..

  3. Great News 🙂 Excellent work by KERALA STATE Road tc…. i expected this but not upto this level…,, When is Garuda getting degraded to superfast>>>??? tvla delux to fast passenger>> kottarakara dlx to venad??

    private buses and karnataka srtc are upgrading their services day by day .. keralsrtc going below their standards. Express buses for 650 kms is just crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…………..

  4. super express is ok seating should be 2×2.people those who want a cheaper option,private buses and KaSRTC not entertaining them.

  5. Run Venad/ Malabar in KKD-Blore route,FPs from other depots and S/F from TVM to Blore replacing Volvo.

    Replace side glasses with shutters or even tarpaulin.

    Stop online reservation and start coupon system one hour before departure so that all can stand in a que and enjoy ‘Socialism’.

    Let all ‘capitalists’ go by Ka RTC and Private buses.

    The Ke SRTC serving the interests of party unions alone can do this to the public.

  6. anyways much better than the AC bus for sure. If this bus is 2×2 configuration, then this would be a big hit considering the cheap fare.

    Guys understand one thing. KesRTC cannot buy volvo/benz….. our area of interest is exp,sfast,fp,and VENAD

  7. Hi Friends,

    I dont think they r regular buses. It might be a temporary service .. check their website

    15.00 Bangalore-Pala (SE6425)

    16.15 Bangalore-Ernakulam (SE648)

    18.30 Bangalore-kottayam (SE64SPL16)

    19.30 Bangalore-Thrissur (SE64SPL12)

    Kottayam and thrissur buses are suffix’d with SPL that means they are temporary services not permanent. They might get changed soon.

  8. Hats off to Kerala RTC for introducing the Super Express bus from Kottayam-Bangalore-Kottayam. Really it is cheaper mode of transport to Kottayam.

  9. Kerala RTC for must introduce more Super Express buses towards Bangalore instead of investing in Multi Axle Volvo Buses (B9R). Let the high elite people enjoy private buses and the middle class and other people enjoy Super Express buses.

  10. The Karnataka RTC has cancelled the Rajahamsa Bus service from Bangalore to Payyannur due to operational reasons. KSRTC is operating the 2000 and 2130 Volvo bus only to Kannur.

  11. The Karnataka RTC has cancelled the Rajahamsa (AC) Bus service from Bangalore to Payyannur on week days due to operational reasons & is operating from Bangalore on Fridays and from Payyannur on Sundays only and same is the case with Volvo.

  12. The tone of this post is totally wrong. Sitting cramped inside a Super Express for 12+ hours? Forget sleeping etc. I have traveled in the new Super Expresses, and the “Air” suspension is totally ineffective.

    KeSRTC is going backwards in time. What nonsense!

  13. Guys,
    What I understand is that these 12M Tata Super Express buses will do this service temporarily until KSRTC will get new Super Deluxe (Non-AC) buses. It would take another 5-6 months.

  14. Why these fellows are not permitting a spare bus(let it be a Super Fast or Express or whatever) instead of EKM-BNG AC Bus?? We are now forced to depend completely on KaSRTC now. What a shame on KeSRTC!!!

  15. at least for this long distance interstate journeys use buses with pushback seats.ksrtc is really going to stone age….y cant they modify this tata 12m bus to 2*2 pushback and run as express/deluxe…

  16. Kastam Athum TATA bus.Kottayam karudai karyam kattapoka..Ini volvokku pakaram vikas bhavan TS series TATA bus oodikkumo? TATA bus vangalu KSRTC nirthiyal thannai pakuthi labham aakum..I hate TATA especially its higher grade service with KSRTC

  17. Kasrtc has introduced spl volvo on sundays(4m ktm) and fridays(4m blr) in addition to their existing volvo service. Kallada,kpn & sharma has got a multiaxle to ktr via ktm, shama has one MA to pathanamthitta + all the other types of buses including volvos, sleepers Morveover kesrtc has got its own super delux service to ktr via kottayam. Ithrem nalla busukal olla sthallathu ee super expressil aaru keyarum. People who opt for cheapest means of transport will go for train . They will never opt for an express bus till bangalore..Kottayam has a potential of good patronage if only proper buses are made available. KESRTC pls wake up….

    • Hi Renjith, If everyone is operating Volvo and mecedes buses, what will common people will do? Hope you know how difficult is to get a ticket in train. Ordinary man, students etc will prefer this bus. At least Kerala RTC is giving the cheapest option for them.

  18. ksrtc must start new supr xprs service to bnglr..with new buses..
    from my experience AL buses have more comfort for long distance .. why ksrtc prefering tata? i dnt knw.. v knw, all private bus operators run AL airbuses..
    so itz better 4 ksrtc to use AL viking 12m buses for long distance services..also use little more heavier weighted bodies and air suspensions for more comfort..

  19. Puthya Super delux bus introduce cheythu…..ok..fair um ok….but mazha peythal chorcha undu (esp 12)…..vere ethokke window side chorum ennu ariyilla…..bglre vare kuda pidichu irikkenti varum….puthya bus aanu 2months akunnae ollu….

  20. What is the diference between Super Express Airbus and Super Deluxe air bus apart from Seats ie
    a) 2X2 Vs 2X3
    b) Reclining Seats Vs Rigid Seats

    • @ Biju, the following are the differences

      1) 2×2 Exp bus is of 12m chassis with 12 rows and 48 seats.

      2) 2×3 Exp bus is of 12 chassis with 11 rows and 55 seats. Leg space is more in this compared to 2×2 express.

      3) The only advantage of 2×2 express bus is it’s having push back seats with slight inclination.

      4) Deluxe buses are on normal chassis with 2×2 seating layout and 10 rows, ie 40 seats. Leg space is more compared to the 2×2 express buses.

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