KSRTC Buses From Bangalore To Thrissur

Kerala RTC is running 12 daily services from Bangalore to Thrissur. The Corporation provides a Reservation Counter at the Kempegowda Bus Station(Majestic Bus Station) and Mysore Road Satellite Bus Station at Bangalore which functions from 6:30am to 9:30pm.

The buses from Bangalore to Thrissur are running in three different routes.

1) Bangalore-Salem-Coimbatore-Palakkad-Thrissur
2) Bangalore-Mysore-Gudallur-Perinthalmanna-Thrissur
3) Bangalore-Mysore-Bathery-Kozhikkode-Thrissur



for latest and updated bus timings of KSRTC



For Buses Towards Salem
1) Bommanahalli Bus Stop (BETL Bus Stop)
2) Electronic City Opposite Infosys (BETL Bus Stop)
3) Madiwala (ST Johns Hospital Bus Stop, Just near to the petrol bunk)

For Buses Towards Mysore
1) Kengeri (Opposite Police Station)
2) Mandya (Opposite Bus Stand)

Reservation Counter, Majestic : 080 22269508

Mysore Road Satelite Bus Station: 080 26756666 (MSBS, Satellite Bus Stand)
KSRTC Bus Station, Thrissur: 0487-2421150


    • The time table given in the reservation site is of old Super Fast schedule. According to the new Super deluxe schedule Thiruvalla is suppose to reach Ernakulam by 06.00 and depart from there by 06.10. So the time at Thrissur is at 04.30-04.45

    • Thats because, the authorities of Bangalore has stopped giving reservation for Thrissur AC which starts 19.30 from Blore. This is because of the non reliability of that bus. Also Thrissur people will not send that AC bus regularly. If there is less patronage, they will make the people to travel in another AC bus which starts from there. I’ve seen this many times.

      • yea tht is correct.they used to send 9 pm bus only.but when i am remembering correctly in one your another post regarding kasrtc and ksrtc our md told kasrtc not sending not sending all buses daily.ksrtc cannot do tht 🙂

  1. Also notice the fare of AC bus going via Mysore, Kozhikkode. The fare is Rs-506 towards Thrissur and it is higher than the fare of Volvo bus going via Salem, Palakkad.

    Different fares are 237 (Exp), 324, 371, 413 (Deluxe), 437 (AC), 480 (Volvo) and 506 (AC)

  2. ksrtc buses are not fully packed even at weekends.engane aalu kayarana.ac buses il music system kedayit 8 masam aayi.garudayil dvd kedayit 4 masam ayi.kastam tanne…also in ac buses a/c is no

  3. One of the a/c buses to thrissur and the kottayam a/c are not functioning temporarily. If the buses to thrissur are not getting enough patronage, why not extend the service to ernakulam?

  4. according to most of the officials in KSRTC, EKM is not a big city at all. Hence it doesnt get much services nor shopping complexes. According to them the major cities in kerala are KTR,TVLA,ANK.

    The same is the fate with small towns like KOLLAM, ALLEPPEY, KOTTAYAM etc

  5. On 24-03-2011, as I was in Lalbagh, I noticed a brand new Kerala RTC Super Express Bus (Automatic Door- TATA Chassis) with the Board Bangalore-Palakkad (Via) Hosur-Salem-Coimbatore at 11.30 a.m. I was surprised by the new route and there was only 5 passengers excluding driver & conductor. After coming to office, I check the timings. The Bus departs from Palakkad at 8 pm (200 hours) & reaches Bangalore at 5.30 am. and again leaves to Pallakad at 11 a.m. The timings from Palakkad is good & from Bangalore it is poor. I hope the same driver from Palakkad drives the bus again from Bus. The timings of the bus should have been at 2000 hours from Bangalore.

  6. the bus is listed in the online reservation site. The reason why they are sending the bus at 11:00 am from BLR is so that they can use one bus for the service instead of two..

    Should have used this permit to start a long distance bus towards KTR/KLM etc……

  7. If KSRTC Palakkad utilizes the same bus, then the durability of the bus gets diluted with often & often repairs. If the Bus departs from Bangalore at 11 a.m., how can the Bus depart from Palakkad at 2000 hours. Always there should be 2 bus from each place. The Bus after reaching Palakkad is utilized for other services.

  8. Many people say that there should be plenty of buses to Ernakulam. If more buses are introduced to Palakkad, the passengers can travel upto there and to Trichur or Ernakulam. If more buses are introduced to Palakkad, passengers can avail of this service and 1 driver can be used.

  9. There must b more services to ekm. Its not a joke to travel to trichur or ekm from palakkad after using the bangalore palakkad service. The spare buses in trichur can be used on thursday evenings as trichur or ekm to bangalore and on friday evenings as bangalore to ekm or trichur. same on sunday evening and monday evening also. This can get some additional revenue for trichur ksrtc as these buses belong to that depot. Kattappurathu kayatti vechirikkunnathu kaanunnathu enikku sahichukooda………………….. Rajahamsayude moottakadi kondu njan maduthu………

  10. I had travelled in 8’o’ clock rajahamsa to ernakulam last friday. i was attacked by a battalion of bed bugs all over my body. This bus which was scheduled to reach at 7 am at ernakulam reached at that time only at trichur. The last bus to trichur that started from bangalore at 10 pm also overtook that bus and i reached ernakulam at 9:30 am. I was to attend a family function and i was terribly late and i was scolded by my kith and kin for being late. Now i have resolved that i will not travel in a rajahamsa any more. Pleeeeeaaaasssse
    kesrtc, Start more buses to ernakulam via salem in all categories from bangalore. I cant even book a return ticket in the thiruvalla bangalore deluxe.

    • For thiruvalla bus, return online ticket will be only started after the construction of new bus station @ thiruvalla,,,

  11. The time table from B’lore to EKM shows ac bus at 22.30 hrs. There is no such bus now. There is no AC bus at all.

    If KeSRTC starts more AC or DLX buses with properly designed body , that will attract passengers. More buses are required from EKM to B’lore. What is the hinderance in operating more buses thro’. Gudallur route via Shornur which is the shortest route. But PWD should maintain the road in that stretch properly.

    3×2 system of seats is not at all good for long distance journey like B’lore. So is the case within Kerala. KeSRTC should have different types of buses on premium routes. At Trichur, I always find Thiruvanathapuram SF buses at any time of the day. 99% of these buses are SF only. These are all running from one end to the other end of the state.

    I’ve been making suggestions ever since this blog was started. So with others in this blog. So far I’ve not seen any response from the authorities. Why not have the system of inviting responses from KeSRTC on importatnt suggestions?

  12. Just check the kind of buses KaSRTC has.. though KSRTC didnt find Kochi a big city, they have two Mercedez Multiaxle, 2 Airavat Multiaxle, 1 Airavat B7R Volvo and 3 Rajahamsas to Bangalore daily from Ernakulam.. Same way from Trivandrum, Thrissur, Kottayam, Palakkad, Kannur and Calicut. We feel like paying for anything they ask because of the service they offer.. Hats off to the Karnataka Govt.

  13. If you have any issues with online booking in KSRTC website, call rupesh at 09846926267. He heads the online booking division of KSRTC.


  15. If the bus doesn’t show up at St. John’s, or is late, is there any number that I can call on to confirm things?

  16. i couldn’t find the bus scheduled at 22.30 to ekm via thrissur and kkd in online booking schedule. whether they stopped the service?

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