Kerala RTC At Bangalore

Last Updated: 15-12-2010

Kerala RTC runs buses from Bangalore to major towns in Kerala. The Corporation provides a Reservation Counter at the Kempegowda Bus Station(Majestic Bus Station) and Mysore Road Satellite Bus Station at Bangalore which functions from 6:30am to 9:30pm.

Contact phone number : 080 22269508. (Majestic)
Mysore Road Satelite Bus Station: 080 26756666 (MSBS, Satellite Bus Stand)
New KSRTC Pick Up Points In Bangalore
Important Informations

1. Now book your tickets from Majestic bus stand or Satellite Bus Stand Or Online Booking
2. For buses towards Salem and Coimbatore, There is a pick up point in Madiwala (ie St. Johns Hospital Bus Stop, Near To Petrol Pump, Bommanahalli Bus Stop, Electronic City (Opposite To Infosys))
3. You can select the pick up point at the time of booking the tickets. If you are unable to reach the bus station or pick up point at the time, please give a call to the KSRTC Reservation counter in Satellite bus station.
4. It will take around 20 minutes to one hour to reach Madiwala from Satellite bus station depends on the traffic.
5. If your boarding point is Satellite bus station and you want to change that place to Madiwala (St Johns), Just inform the counter before 15 minutes of the departure of the particular bus.
6. Buses coming from both Mysore and Salem will go to Majestic Bus Stand to drop the passengers if any.
7. All the buses except the buses to Kasargod are starting from Satellite Bus Station which is situated in Mysore Road (Babuji Nagara).

The various schedules operated by the Corporation from
Bangalore are given below.

Dep Type Destination Fare Via
7.00 S.DLX S.Bathery 258 MSE
8.00 SF Kozhikkode 242 MSE
9.00 S.EXP Kannur 279 MSE, SBY
10.00 SF Malappuram 258 MSE, VRJPT, TLY
10.30 AC Kozhikkode 401 MSE, SBY,TSY
11.00 SF Vadakara 248 MSE, SBY
12.00 SF Kozhikkode 242 MSE, SBY
13.00 AC Ernakulam 591 MSE, KKD, TSR
14.00 SF Kozhikkode 242 MSE, SBY
14.00 S.DLX Guruvayoor 406 MSE, NLBR, TSR
15.45 S.DLX Kottayam 486 MSE, PMNA,TSR
16.00 S.DLX Munnar 558 KKD, TSR,KMGM
16.15 S.EXP Ernakulam 302 SLM, CBE, TSR
17.00 VOLVO Trivandrum 825 SLM, CBE, TSR
17.30 S.DLX Kottarakkara 509 SLM, CBE, TSR
18.15 S.DLX Thiruvalla 479 SLM, CBE, TSR
18.30 S.DLX Kozhikkode 384 MSE, MDY
18.30 AC Kottayam 572 SLM, CBE, TSR
19.00 SF Kozhikkode 267 MSE, MDY
19.30 AC Thrissur 452 SLM, CBE, TSR
19.30 S.EXP Payyannur 304 MSE,IRTY,KNR
20.00 SF Kozhikkode 267 MSE, MDY
20.15 S.DLX Thalassery 331 MSE,IRTY,MTNR
20.30 S.EXP Payyannur 294 MSE,IRTY,KNR
21.00 S.DLX Palakkad 289 SLM, CBE, TSR
21.00 SF Kalpetta 221 MSE, MDY
21.15 S.DLX Kannur 331 MSE,IRTY,MTNR
21.30 S.EXP Kannur 279 MSE,IRTY,TLY
22.00 S.EXP Kannur 264 MSE,IRTY,MTNR
22.00 S.EXP Thottilpalam 264 MSE, MDY
22.00 AC Thrissur 452 SLM, CBE, TSR
22.30 SF Thalassery 222 MSE,IRTY,TLY
22.30 AC Ernakulam 591 SBY,KKD,TSR
23.00 SF Kozhikkode 242 MSE, SBY
23.00 S.DLX Thrissur 386 MSE,NLBR,PMNA
23.30 SF Kozhikkode 242 MSE, SBY
23.45 S.DLX Kozhikkode 338 MSE, SBY
24.00 SF Kozhikkode * 227 MSE,SBY

all the data furnished above have been obtained from Kerala RTC Reservation Counter at Satellite Bus Station and are subject to change without notice.
Advance Reservation Starts 21 Days Before. Now Book Your Return Tickets Also.
MSE-Mysore, SBY-S.Bathery, KKD-Kozhikode, IRTY-Iritty
TLY-Thalassery, SLM-Salem, CBTR-Coimbatore
PKD-Palakkad, TSR-Thrissur, EKM-Ernakulam
ALP-Alappuzha, TVLA-Thiruvalla, KTM-Kottayam
TVM-Thiruvananthapuram, GDLR-Gudallur, NBR-Nilambur


  1. KSRTC have linked 17 major bus stations in Kerala , Karnataka and Tamilnadu online.
    Now we can book tickets between any destinations from these stations .
    In Bangalore this facility is available at Majestic and MRSBS.

    Kudos KSRTC !

  2. u cannot reach msbs before 12 o clock from airport. u should hav to wait till next day morning 8’o clock..bcoz the first bus to calicut is at that time.

    08.00 KOZHIKODE (Rs-216)Superfast

    08.30 Super Deluxe (Rs 313)

  3. From 16th february onwards the fares given above will be changed, as the kerala rtc reduced the bus fares. so pls confirm the fares from the ksrtc bangalore office.

  4. The fare for KSRTC Super Deluxe Air Bus between Bangalore and Calicut is RS:288 , But for KarnatakaSRTC’s Rajahamsa it is Rs:350.
    For private travels its Rs:340 (Semi sleeper)

    Similarly for KSRTC A/c Volvo between Bangalore and Thiruvananthapuram the fair is Rs:790,
    While for KarnatakaSRTC’s Airavath A/c Volvo its Rs:831.
    For private travels its Rs:850-900.(A/c Volvo)

    So passengers please be aware of these facts !

  5. FYI
    There are a few mistakes in the time table provided.

    1) Guruvayur SDLX is at 19:00.
    2) Kozhikode SDLX at 18:00 is missing.
    3) New Munnar SDLX at 16:00 is missing.
    4) Kasargod SF is at 22:00.
    5) SF at 22:30 is only up to Thalassery.
    6) Services towards Kannur are via Sulthan Bathery.

    Please confirm and correct.

  6. How is the response of Munnar superdeluxe? Did the tourist availing this bus similar to Ooty buses of tamilnadu and karnataka

  7. All the buses from bangalore to kerala are daily buses. The munnar bus is not an Ac Bus. It is a super deluxe air bus. no idea about fare. i ll update this page with the details soon. you can contact to this number for getting more info abt this bus. 080 26756666. Today Also u can book the tickets for 10 th april from either ksrtc reservation counter in majestic bus stand or satellite bus stand.

  8. You all are fools.
    Why you want to go by Kerala RTC when you have Karnataka RTC ?
    Its very tough job to reserve ticket in Kerala RTC .
    Online booking is available for Karnataka RTC
    Our bullshit Govt will not implement this facility for another 5 yrs.

  9. The Munnar bus is not a daily bus but on alternate days. It runs on MON,WED,FRI and SUN only to Munnar.

    On other days it will ply between Munnar and Bangalore.

  10. Is there any bus service between Mysore and Kalpettah in the morning. If available please provide dep.timings, fare and journey time

  11. karnataka rtc announced a special bus (Rajahamsa) to ernakulam on 9th. their fare is 700 !!!! (normal fare is near to 400)

  12. The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) will collect 10 per cent additional fare for super class services from Super Expresses upwards to Karnataka from April 1 to May 31. The KSRTC has taken the decision on the basis of a notification issued by the government on February 12 allowing it to collect 10 per cent additional fare for super class services of the specified categories during the April-May period

  13. Holiday Specials

    FROM 10-04-09

    From To DepartureTime Type

    FROM 12-04-09

    From To Departure Time Type

  14. Heard that Karnataka SRTC has started Volvo services from B lore and Mysore to TVM.

    Kerala SRTC has started an S/Exp service to Thottilpalam.

  15. Yeah they have started the volvo services to thiruvananthapuram. the buses are of B9R Series buses, with LCD Tv and all…

  16. At what time is the bus to TVM(karnataka srtc). Which route. what is the fare? .When will it reach TVM .. before Keralasrtc or after that.

  17. KarnatakaSRTC Volvo towards TVM starts at 18:30 and plys via Mysore, Calicut & Ernakulam.
    The fair is Rs 785 + Other Charges.
    It will take approximately 15 hours.

    The bus is B7R(Volvo) and not B9R(Multi Axle Volvo) as mentioned by another blogger.

  18. If it’s through mysore, calicut.. then obviously it’s a useless bus to tvm. Already we have 2 useless buses to ernakulam (keralasrtc) at 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm. I think these two buses to ernakulam are basically for people from calicut and only 1 bus to ernakulam is a superfast through salem .From this we can understand that KSRTC is not interested to compete with private operators in a competitive route even though they have good buses.

  19. KSRTC Bangalore Have changed the time schedule for some of its services from 06-05-2009.

    – TVM Volvo of 16:00 will start at 17:00.
    – KKD SDLx of 18:00 will start at 18:30 .
    – KNR SDLx of 21:00 will start at 21:15.
    – KKD SDLx of 08:30 will start at 09:30
    – MNR SDLx on alternate days is changed to daily service.

  20. when ksrtc will come to chennai. If they connect chennai with kerala it is very useful for lots of malayalee . connect chennai with trivandrum, ernakulam, guruvayoor, kottayam, calicut, kannur, pampa .

  21. KSRTC has stated in a press release that all the 10 AC buses to Bengaluru will be changed to VOLVO buses soon.

  22. There is a feature in Mathrubhumi daily relating to KSRTC titled “Labhathilekkulla Double Bellinum Kaathorthu” from 10-05-2009.

    Seems bit interesting, realistic and authentic.

    Please try to post it over here.

  23. I travelled by trivandrum-bangalore super express recently . I found that bus condition is much better than most other buses of the same class . The bus is much faster and reaches bangalore on time. I personally feel drivers of Trivandrum are really much better. But I heard that this bus is only till june 15th……………

  24. Mr Anonymous.. Any Bus to B'lore from beyond Thrissur changes driver at Palakkad. and the stretch from Palakkad to B'lore via Salem is where the bus makes up the running time coz of excellent plain roads.. I'm not takin away the credit from Trivandrum drivers but next time u travel pls wake up at Palakkad and see the difference for urself..
    Can somebody tell me whts the case with Volvo's?? do they change drivers at palakkad or they have 2 drivers from Tvm??

  25. Hey Sandeep, no change in driver now. They are using 2 drivers(all the buses). I will tell one thing, the bus was running at really high speed even through Angamaly and thrissur sector.It overtook nearly all buses. Even the A/c bus from ekm was overtaken so easily. I dont remember the bus number , but it's a super express belonging to TVm central depot.Even it was the same case with previous A/c bus and volvo. They r really fast.

  26. Ac buses and super express are of different chasis. Ac buses are TATA 1616c chasis and super express is a leyland chasis. we cant compare a leyland chasis with Tata's new 1616c in case of speed.

  27. Hi Anonymous.

    Technically 1616 means .. 160 bhp and 16 tonnage capacity according to TML(Tata motors Ltd). So even the same leyland also are fitted with 160 bhp engine. Technically there should be no much difference in speed between these two. I feel both tata 1616 or 1516 and leyland's engine specs are nearly about the same. So running time of both the vehicles should be same too. but for volvo is somewhere near to 290 bhp thats y we see the raw power kicking when it overtakes. Even volvo's are fitted with ESP's so during the turning or while overtaking it has perfect balance that creates extreme high end stability. Normally these highway maneuvering by normal buses are difficult.Tata's and leylands are coming up with new buses, but to compete with volvos, mercedes ,king-long and corona it has to have a raw power unit fitted to it.

  28. Hi all,
    NH 212 thru gundelpet, bathery and NH 67 from gundelpet to gudalur is going to be closed from 12th this month from 9pm to 6am to help the free movement of wildlife. After this the timings of all the buses may change as they have to take mysore hunsur gonigopal kutta mananthavady kalpetta calicut route which is open all time….

  29. I just want to know what is the objective of various discussion forums. Whether the moderator is raisong the issuses/concerned discussed here.
    Otherwise this blog will also become just another spot for malayalees favorite time pass- UNPRODUCTIVE AIMLESS DISCUSSION.

  30. We just want to know what is the objective of various discussion forums. Whether the moderator is raising the issuses/concers raised here with KSRTC authorities.
    Otherwise this blog will also become just another spot for malayalees favorite time pass- UNPRODUCTIVE AIMLESS DISCUSSIONS.

  31. Hi Anonymous,

    Why dont u use ur name first?
    One more thing , I would like to convey one thing it's not the responsibility of this site owner to fetch datas to KSRTC. What I feel is like the owner has created a better platform for us to share our views openly . Now we could realise that our views are also in par with others. I really appreciate mr. Sujith for his decision to start this blog because this travel is one of the most important and painful aspect of a person who lives in Bangalore during the weekends. It's the responsibility of the minister or authorities of ksrtc to check these things in the web and really think if they can do something better. I guess this site gives them a better feedback so that they can act. If someone types ksrtc in google we get this blog in the first page. So the real responsibility lies in authority not sujith. This online sharing is itself a sharing activity done to ksrtc. We can see Helpline numbers, suggestion and compliant boxes in KSRTC bus stands. Why we need those boxes/numbers when public itself are demonstrating everything through net.

  32. Hello Mr Renjith,
    I really appreciate the effort taken by Mr. Sujith in develping this blog. Its really informative and will promote KSRTC services as well.We should all be greatful to Sujith for starting sucha blog.
    If KSRTC is so proactive then why we need blogs like this. Its wrong to expect KSRTC to access this blog. It is the duty of the moderatorand all of us to find the means to approach KSRTC with the concerns raised here.Otherwise what is the benfit of all these long discussion .It will not serve any purpose then timepass.


  33. Hi Tharakan,

    We are electing our ministers to help us. If they cant even check the internet and fetch the problems they I wonder why we should go on electing those kind of people . When everything is made online they should take atleast the minimum pain to check those. If we can check some of the good ministers like Ganesh Kumar,Dayanidhi maran etc they have a personal site itself (, , This shows how active they are and clearly Ganesh Kumar has demonstrated us how he could change KSRTC into a profitable organisation and better one. Even D.Maran has done it with BSNL etc. We need ministers like Ganesh Kumar to come back as a Transport minister else we cant expect much from KSRTC whatever we tell or comment or post through internet or directly .

  34. This is the first time I chose Kerala SRTC Volvo bus. Bus fare is cheaper, but the service much better. Comfortable, safe driving not the usual dangerous driving resorted to by the private bus drivers. It reached Madivala at 6:20 am even though it started from Kollam at 5:00pm. Only problem is with the non-availability of booking stations. With the network that KSRTC has, they can easily spread the booking network across Kerala and add more such services.

    Regarding Ganesh Kumar : He indeed looked upon the basic issues like cleanliness/look and feel etc. It is true that the look and feel etc. of KSRTC buses were much better. But I doubt the quality, many of the luggage racks came off in a while. Above that KSRTC incurred huge losses by giving body building to private players. The heavy make took a hit on fuel efficiency, tyre wear and tear etc.

    The current RT minister should visit Kollam Bus stand's toilet to start with. Maintaining toilets clean is also a part of work of KSRTC.

  35. What is the timings of Kottayam – Bangalore A/C Bus & the DEluxe Bus from Kottayam and how much time time it takes to reach bangalore for both the buses.

  36. How can i reach the desigenated bus stop from Bangalore International Airport to pick up bus from Bangalore to Kottayam. Please somebody advise. thanks

  37. You can catch a BIAL Service volvo from airport which is going to Majestic. And from there you will get buses to kottayam.

  38. KSRTC has placed orders for 8 Volvo buses.
    They are also planning to have 2 drivers per bus,of whom the one(on rest,)will issue tickets also.
    Spare driver will act as Conductor.
    Austerity measures!!!!!

    Discussions with trade unions are on.
    Drivers union have welcomed the decision.

    In other words,CONDUCTORLESS VOLVO.

  39. @Anto.. this Practice of Conductor less bus exists in some routes of SETC, Tamilnadu. Eg Ernakulam to Madurai via Palakkad, pollachi, dindugal. this way the collection Bata is only split between 2 people and not 3 as was the earlier case.
    Good measure as this ensures that the no of Drivers handling the Volvo will be lesser and vehicle will be in a better condition in the longer run


  41. Now a days all the ksrtc except volvo buses are reaching late not reaching at the given time and also driving is not fast as in past. Is it due to speed governors? Is that set for long root buses also? It's speed really irritating….

  42. The main reason for the late running of Keralartc buses compared to the past season is that

    the main cause is the road blocks and traffic jams. The number of vehicles is getting twice or thrice as compared to 4 years back.

    The next reason for the slowing down of buses is mainly the Sped governors. For all classes even volvo also speed governor is fitted. Most of the Superfast and Fast passengers are tightened at 60-65 KMPH and Express and deluxe are tightened at 70-75 KMPh.Also the volvo gets maximum 90 KMPh

  43. Is there any change in gudalur or Sulthan bethery route as in mathurbhoomi there is some news of court stopped the traffic movement in between 9pm to 7 am on this area.

  44. Can I book volvo tickets online? or Can I book volvo tickets from any of the madivala travel agencies? How many volvo buses are available now to Chalakudy or Ernakulam?

  45. Any information on change of schedule to northern part of kerala due to road blocking on night. Through paper cutting it seems to be 1 or 2 hours up and down than the current schedule.

  46. Hi All

    Perintalmanna –Bangalore Delux bus on 5.30 pm (previous time 7.30 PM)

    Bangalore—Perintelmanna Delux bus at 6.30 am (previous time 8.30 AM)

    Above schedule has been rearranged due to road blocking on chamrajpet now its rearranged to almost two hours prior to the previous timmings

  47. sujith
    can u inform to rtc authorities to change the route of the bnglr sdlx from kottayam(6.00 pm)
    through piravom(kottayam-piravom-moovatupuzha).
    there is no time lost &there is no depots btwn the existing routes so there is no chance of protection from people if the rtc make any change.only one boardingpoint at koothattukulam.this is a chance to save 13+lakhs rsfor ksrtc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please inform
    and also what about the collection of this bus? profit or not?????

  48. I think most of the buses through gudelpet had changed the time schedule BElow service to guruvayur is now scheduled at 1500 hrs.


  49. i dont know whether this complaint will be taken care of … but i still take my chances by complaining that there should be more bus booking stations in banagalore for better convenience.. or a e booking would also do…

  50. Pala KSRTC depot has requested to change the AC bus (current plying in the route Pala-Bangalore) with a Super Deluxe or Super Express. They claim that repairs of this bus is a headache. They have already sent a written request to Trivandrum officials.

    According to Pala depot officials it is a tough job to maintain the service with AC Buses which can be repaired only by the company people. I wonder why this is not an issue with Kottayam or Thrissur depots. They have not said that this bus is in loss. In fact it is making a good revenue for KSRTC. Travellers have said that they prefer AC bus and the current buses break down with AC issues pretty often though.

    Travellers forum is planning for a protest against this move of the officials. I wonder if this is due to any pressure from private bus lobby, they are currently suffering from loss after the induction of AC bus into this service.

  51. I am a frequent traveller and having a good knowledgwe of Karntaka RTC since 30 years. It would be better if Kerala RTC stops AC Buses & introduce Super FAst/Express buses which are cheaper & easily repairable. Also only Leyland buses should be procured. The AC Buses are really headache & unrepairable. Also the timings of Kannur/Tellicherry Buses should be advanced. Also the government should take initiative in allowing traffic on the Virajapet-Maakutta Road immediately & co-operating with Karnataka government in opening the road before 31-12-2009 as per High Court directive. Also the Kerala RTC should operate the buses to Ernakulam/Guruvayur/Trichur/Trivandrum on Bangalore-Salem-Coimbatore routes. These roads are good & safer. The condition of the vehicles will also be good.
    K. Vijayaraghavan, Bangalore.

  52. The Kerala RTC should introduce Super Express/Super Fast Leyland buses from various districts of Kerala to Bangalore & ply on the Palakkad-Coimbatore-Salem routes. The travel will be safer and it will take less time, also the price will be less and beneficial to the passengers. Really never travel to Ernakulam/Kottayam on the Sulthan Battery-Kozhikode routes, where the fare is very much higher. Other wise, I request fellow travellers to take the Train route or cut route from Bangalore to Salem & Salem-Coimbatore or Palakkad routes which will be time saving.

    K. Vijayaraghavan, Bangalore.

  53. The Kerala RTC buses from Kannur/Tellicherry should start the buses from those above places at 6 or 6.30 pm so as to reach Bangalore at 5 a.m. Now the buses from Kannur/Tellicherry should take the Mananthavady/Tholpetty/Kutta/Gonikoppal route to reach Bangalore. Also Kerala RTC should introduce 2 more super express to Bangalore and also start a exclusive express service from Iritty-Bangalore after the Iritty-Makutta-Virajpet road is ready.
    K. Vijayaraghavan, Bangalore.

  54. Let Kerala RTC buy more buses to operate Inter-State services. Many services yet to begin from Pathanamthitta-Punalur-Chengannur requires 2 drivers. Let the 2nd driver be the cojductor. This will save enormous money to the corporation.

  55. Pala Bangalore bus timing has been changed. Nowadays due to the restriction in the Bandipur forest, bus leaves Pala by only 7:00 PM. While the return from Bangalore remains the same – 1:00 PM

  56. Karnataka RTC already announced two special services from Bangalore to Pampa from 9th of December 09. One Rajahamsa and one kendra sarige bus will ply to Pampa. they have already started the online reservation for these buses also.

    Kerala RTC is still think it seems to start the buses or not?? What a people?

    Vere valla aalukalum aayirunnel ee season vechu muthaletuthene….

  57. Even Karnataka KSRTC started a volvo service to kottayam throught salem, as per kerala ksrtc this route is not profitable. No idea when keral RTC stop supporting private agencies like kallada and all.

  58. Guys,
    never book private bus tickets on Internet,
    you would get cheated,better go directly to the tour operator,

    1.double booking, would be surprise that you have no seat.

    booking KSRTC ticket on internet is SAFE

  59. The Kerala RTC & Karnataka RTC are operating all the buses to various part of Kerala through the Satellite Bus Station (Mysore Road). The people find it very difficult to reach the Satellite Bus Station early morning to catch the 6 am. Kozhikode SF Buses & 6.30 am. Perinthalmanna bus. Recently, I had to leave my home at Peenya Dasrahalli at 4.30 am. to reach the above Bus Station to catch the 6 am. Kozhikode SF Bus. During night time, the traffic is a problem. But reach the Mysore Road Satellite Bus Stand is a mental problem to all the people from far off places to reach and catch the buses to various parts of Kerala.

  60. I have seen the timings of bangalore-kottayam volvo from Ka-srtc. It starts in bangalore by 19:00 and reaches kottayam next day at 11:00 am. The Thiruvalla delux bus and KTR deluxe of Kesrtc reaches thiruvalla by 10 am around . I wonder even after having a volvo why is it getting so much delayed. Is that Ka-srtc volvo fitted with 150 BHP engine. I dont know when KA-srtc are gonna improve their timing strategies.

  61. Hats of to Kerala RTC, for the punctuality of the buses. All the Buses to Kannur/Payyannur/Thalassery & vice versa takes only 9 hours to reach the destination. While the Karnataka RTC & Private buses to the above destination takes 11-12 hours. The timings of the buses should be altered once the Kannur-Makkoota-Gonikoppal road is ready by 31-03-2010.

  62. Recently Kerala RTC has stated a new Super Express Bus from BANGALORE-PAYYANNUR (Via) Iritty-Irikkur-Sreekandapuram-Naduvil-Alakode-Cherupuzha, which is of immense use to the people residing at the above places. The bus starts from Satellite Bus Station at 20.15 hours (8.15 PM). Please note that this is in addition to the BANGALORE-PAYYANNUR Super Express Bus at 20.40 hours (8.40 PM) (Via) Iritty-Kuthuparamba-Kannur-Thaliparamba. Hats off to Kerala RTC. Passengers may please note the above. I do not know the timings of this bus from Payyannur.

  63. The above given Timings of Kerala STate Bus are wrong. Please correct it and give the correct timings. For ex: there is a Super FAst Bus to Kozhikode at 6 a.m., then Super Express Buses to Kannur at 9 a.m., 21.30 PM. People should can use the above buses. A time will surely come when KSRTC will start a regular bus service From Iritty directly to Bangalore & vice versa.

  64. Recently Kerala RTC has stated a new Super Express Bus from BANGALORE-PAYYANNUR (Via) Iritty-Irikkur-Sreekandapuram-Naduvil-Alakode-Cherupuzha, which is of immense use to the people residing at the above places. The bus starts from Satellite Bus Station at 20.15 hours (8.15 PM). Please note that this is in addition to the BANGALORE-PAYYANNUR Super Express Bus at 20.40 hours (8.40 PM) (Via) Iritty-Kuthuparamba-Kannur-Thaliparamba. Hats off to Kerala RTC. Passengers may please note the above.the bus starts bfrom payyanur is 17.00hrs(5pm)

  65. the timings of long distance buses at payyanur
    towards mangalore towards kozhikode
    3.15 am mge s/fast 3.15 am kottarakkara
    4.30 am kgd s.exp 7.00 am eranakulam
    5.30 am mge s/fast 7.15 pm kottayam
    8.15 am kollur s/fast8.00pm thiruvananthapuram
    5.00 pm bge
    8.00 pm bge eranakulam 9.15 pm

  66. can we take online ticket from perinthalmanna to banglore? and want time table from PMNA to BGLR. can any body, and also to know that guruvayoor bus via PMNA goes through Pattambi ?

  67. Sujith,

    Pala AC bus from Bangalore @ 1:00 PM is still in service. I have just confirmed with KSRTC reservation counter at Satellite bus station. Please add the same to this list.

  68. Pls. give the timings and journey hours from mysore to perinthalmanna/trichur.

    is it possible to reserve tickets from mysore for the buses starting from bangalore?

  69. I recommend the following time changes for the KSRTC Super deluxe services presently running from Trichur , Eranakulam, & Kottayam to Bangalore via Nilambur and Gudalur. The Night traffic banned through Bandipur Forests for last 6 months. But the departure timing of the buses not changed so far. All the above buses reaching Gudalur between 2 am- and 3.30 am and going strait to kakkanalla -Karnataka border and waiting in the middle of forest till 6 am to resume the journey. [ about 3 hours unnecessary waiting ] All the above buses are running from Perinthalmanna to Bangalore in the same route with little time gap. Except Sundays all the above trips are running with few passangers. I recommend the following changes for the above buses. A lot of Malayalees living at Gudalur will benefit this change.

    1) Trichur- Nilambur- Gudalur- Bangalore, [ now starting at 11 pm]

    Convert this super deluxe bus to a Super fast or Super express bus.

    Start at 2.00 am from Trichur, it will reach Nilambur at 4.30 am Gudalur at 6.00 am and Bangalore at 11.45 am.

    A lot of passangers traveling from Trichur, Eranakulam, and kottayam can reach Gudalur early in the morning. Students, Employees, and bisunessmen traveling from Perinthalmanna, Nilambur and Gudalur will choose this bus for their journey to start early morning & enable them to reach Mysore and Bangalore early.
    [ At present there are no buses running From Gudalur to Mysore between 3.30 am and 8.00 am ] so this will be the first bus from Gudalur to Mysore.

    2) Kottayam- Trichur- Nilambur- Gudalur- Bangalore [ now starting at 5.30 pm]
    Start at 9.30 Pm from Kottayam, It will reach Trichur at 1.00 am ; Gudalur at 5.00 am Karnataka border at 5.45 am and Bangalore at 11.00 am.

    3) Eranakulam- Trichur- Nilambur- Gudalur- Bangalore [ now starting at 6.00 pm]
    Start at 9.30 Pm from Eranakulam, It will reach Trichur at 12.00 am ; Gudalur at 4.00 am Karnataka border at 4.45 am and Bangalore at 11.00 am.

  70. Sujith,

    Please update the time table with these two services –

    13:00 Bangalore – Ernakulam AC Bus via MYS – KKD – TSR
    00:30 Bangalore – Pala Super Deluxe Air Bus via MYS – NBR – PMNA- TSR


  71. Hi Rajesh

    When this pala bus started through nbr i think its through KKD. Please clarify.

    00:30 Bangalore – Pala Super Deluxe Air Bus via MYS – NBR – PMNA- TSR

  72. @Anup, the original Bangalore-Pala bus was via Mysore-Kozhikode. It was an AC bus. As the AC bus repair was difficult at Pala depot, they exchanged the AC bus with Super Deluxe buses of EKM in last week of April. When they exchanged the buses, they had to change the route too as the buses were tied with Interstate permits. Now they have changed the return timing from Bangalore to 12:30 PM.

    07:00 PM Pala – 03:00 AM Karnataka border – 11:00 AM Bangalore
    12:30 PM Bangalore – 01:30 AM Pala.

  73. Again Missing the Bangalore -Pala 00:30 as on booking site i am not seeing this today. Is it cancelled or any change for this bus

  74. Pala-Bangalore has been temporarily stopped as they are changing the bus and the new buses have been not reached yet.

  75. I think the kutta gonikkopal road is being upgraded to an NH. So this can provide smooth journey during night time…

  76. Dear all ,

    This is jithesh …

    I am new in using the Kerala transport service and need to go to muvattupuzha . Once the ticket is booked online … where do I go to board the bus I live in KR puram of Bangalore and Madiwala would be nearest … also to understand where does these buses orginates in bangalore ( for eg mysore road bust stand or else where ) .. if near St john hospital madiwala … where exactly should I stand to board the bus ( for eg . before hospital or near the madiwala inter state private bus stand where kallada , friends etc has office ) … it would be of immense help if somebody can guide me … I do not want to miss the bus … thanks a ton in advance for your help …

  77. Here is the Answer for why People not Chooses Kerala RTC Buses now a Days from Bangalore – You Just go to Mysore [Bangalore] Road Bus Stand Ticket Counter of Kerala RTC, The Staff Behaves Like Hell… They feel That All the buses are brought from their Home!!! Not Passenger friendly and very Cheap way of communicating. Corporation should Change such Staff first.

  78. I have request to Trissure Station master.there is super delux bus is running BLR-TSR.In that bus inside just above the window glass there is spring from front to back on both sides.It seems it was fitted to put curtain.but now there is no curtain.And it ios making too much of just travel how much noice it makes.if you remove that it will be nice.
    It seems you want to decrese the number of Pax in that bus.Bcase of that spring i will not consider KSRTC.I informed the conductor regrding the same he accept it.But he doesn't informed you or not?

  79. hai any one know about kasargod buses. it shows only one bus which is in night. i think in day time also buses are there. if any one know then please tell the at what time it starts at morning

  80. hai any one know about kasargod buses. it shows only one bus which is in night. i think in day time also buses are there. if any one know then please tell the at what time it starts at morning

  81. In Bangalore, from Where I get KSRTC buses to Calicut..? Pls let me know the address of the Kerala RTC station Bangalore..!!

  82. i know, before 21 days , we can book the ticket. i want to know at what time we can book through online in kerala rtc ?

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