So far, both Kerala and Karnataka RTC is not operating any direct bus services from Bangalore/Mysore to Pamba/Sabarimala. But both the RTC’s will operate special services during the season period every year. This article is for the passengers who are willing to travel during the monthly pooja’s apart from the season time.

Kerala RTC is operating daily services from Bangalore to Kottayam, Thiruvalla and Chengannur which is very near to Sabarimala.



Option 1: Get a bus from Bangalore to Kottayam and from there to Sabarimala. 

Click here for bus timings from Bangalore to Kottayam

Click here for bus timings from Kottayam to Sabarimala (Apart from these services, KSRTC would operate special services on occasion of Monthly Pooja)

Option 2: Get a bus from Bangalore to Thiruvalla/Chengannur and from there to Sabarimala

Click here for bus timings from Bangalore to Thiruvalla

From Thiruvalla or Chengannur Railway Station, you will get plenty of buses to Pamba during the monthly pooja days. Better option is to connect Chengannur, because KSRTC is operating plenty of services from Chengannur Railway Station to Pamba.

For planning your trip on KSRTC in Kerala, Visit for latest and updated bus timings.