Dance floors in tourist buses to be banned

Bus owners and employees who publish videos of loud music and light show inside buses on YouTube will land in trouble. Transport commissioner has instructed to cancel the fitness certificate of such buses. The license of drivers who drive carelessly will also get cancelled.

The action is part of the vehicle check on the dance floors in buses which increase the rate of road accidents and sound pollution. Hundreds of videos on YouTube has loud music and laser shows. The authorities have found several crimes including overspeed, careless driving and unnecessary honking. The videos also have people dancing in the driver’s cabin in a running bus. Drivers are also seen enjoying this.

Laser lights are fixed in the driver’s cabin and LED lights on the wiper blade and wheel arch, which are illegal. LED lights and sound systems that divert the attention of the drivers have been banned.

During the vehicle inspection, the authorities held 41 buses that incorporated such fittings to the vehicle. According to the findings of MVD, such makeovers lead to accidents. The authorities found tourist buses using LED lights, high watt sound systems and illegal dazzling bright lights that glare in all direction simply blinding oncoming traffic. This practice makes the night time driving riskier.

The LED lights around buses prevent the other drivers on the road to distinguish the indicator lamps and break lights. It leads to accidents. The lights can fool the other vehicle drivers which travel back and forth the illuminated buses. MVD advices to follow the prescribed standards under Section 124 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989.

Loud sound systems and light shows are leading to dangers. Stringent actions will be taken against them as they are illegal, said K Padmakumar, transport commissioner.