CISF Personnel Show their Rescue Skills in Hindustan Ambassador Cars – Watch Video

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently attended the 50th Raising Day of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) in New Delhi. One of the attractions of the Raising Day was the escape drill demonstrated by the brave security personnel of CISF in front of public and government officials. The escape drill, basically showcases the driving skills require at a time of emergency situation to rescue the VIPs.

The rescue manoeuvres were performed with the now discontinued Hindustan Motors Ambassador. Although HM Ambassador used to be the primary choice of Indian politicians, the requirements have changed over the years and most of the politicians now use modern cars like Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Mahindra Scorpio among others.

While the video posted by PMO India is 1 hour 33 minutes long, the rescue drill starts at 1.23 Hrs. The rescue drill starts with an entourage of white HM Ambassadors marked as VIP moving in a strategical position. The PSOs check the surroundings and the vehicle moves with the VIP in the middle of a three car formation.

Post reaching the venue, the VIP is attacked and the CISF personnel form a 360-degree cover to save him from bullets. The VIP then enters the car and the convoy starts to move at a rapid pace. One CISF personnel give them cover from outside and then jumps inside the vehicle through the open rear window.

The demonstration also shows quick J-Turn manoeuvre, a chase sequence with two other cars with attackers inside, a gun battle and more. You can check the video to see some fast-paced action scenes straight out of an action movie.

The CISF is responsible for providing security to industries in India including Airports, Metro Stations, Nuclear Plants among others.

Source – news18.