The bus body code has come into effect in India from April 1, 2015. Issued by the office of Ministry of Road and Transport Highways , the Bus Body Code enlists guidelines to manufacturers of bus bodies. The new direction will ensure that buses will maintain a standard with respect to the design, passenger legroom, materials used for construction. The Bus Body code also mandates the incorporation of ABS.

Volvo has announced that it welcomes the new rules that could help reduce the growing number of fatalities on our roads. The company adds that its buses already conform to the Bus Body Code and its buses come with ABS.

VRV Sriprasad, managing director, Volvo Buses India said, “The implementation of the Bus Body Code is an important landmark for the bus industry. Volvo Buses believes that the regulations will help in raising the benchmarks for safety and comfort, which will benefit scores of drivers and millions of passengers. Volvo was the first company to introduce ABS as a standard and the implementation of this rule is a welcome step. The cumulative impact of the Bus Body Code and ABS will help enhance overall safety standards.”

Volvo also highlighted its efforts in ensuring that the drivers behind the wheel of its buses are trained to handle the varied driving conditions that our roads present. The company says that it has trained close to 60,000 drivers out of which 26,000 are bus drivers.

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