APSRTC is looking for new avenues to generate revenue and get new customers. They’ve been adding new services for increasing customer satisfaction too. If everything goes according to their plans, we will be seeing some revolutionary changes in the coming months.

Road Transport Corporation will be providing Wireless Media for the customers from April 1st and this might change the way we consume data while traveling! This new feature is similar to WiFi except being connected to IntraNet, ie; the consumers can access the Database of APSRTC and not the usual Internet.

‘We will be providing an hour of FREE access to our Intranet and we will be charging a nominal fee for rest of their journey. The charges will be as low as rupees 10 per hour. With this, you can watch your favorite movies and music videos by accessing the Storage Unit installed in a bus. From April 1st, we will be starting this service with Vijayawada-Hyderabad route for Sleeper and Volvo class buses,’ said an RTC official.

Apart from this, APSRTC is also planning to increase the time lines of Advance Booking option. As per the new plan, the customers can book their bus tickets 120 days [4 months] in advance. These changes will surely be an added advantage for RTC and might fetch some more new customers in the long run!