Bus conductor not allowed to enter school girls on bus ; then what happened?

A private bus conductor harassed school girls and not allowed them to enter the bus. Then the whole students stopped the bus and asked the conductor about the incident. After all the conductor said sorry to the students and they allowed to go the bus.

The bus involved the incident is Priyadarshini which heading to Kottayam Side from Ernakulam.

“We do not have any problem in giving concessions to students. But when they sit in the seats, it becomes difficult for the other passengers,” says a private bus employee.

In fact, this has been the situation for so many years now. No one is sure when exactly this ‘custom’ started. Students who travel with concession have to undergo various obstacles before reaching their destination.

The concession allotted to the students by the government is not a favour bestowed upon them by the bus operators. It is the right of every student to avail concession. A student who has been given concession has to be treated the same way as any other passenger. Sadly, in Kerala this is not the situation. Here, the passenger who has bought a ticket is given more importance than a student who has availed concession.