Brave Woman Driving Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV Prevents Carjacking in South Africa – Watch Video

In a shocking video recorded on CCTV, a brave woman saved her car from getting carjacked with children inside the car. The video is from South Africa, a country notorious for regular instances of carjacking and the woman in the video could have been the latest victim of carjacking, had it not been for her presence of mind and bravery.

The Alberton resident in the video is driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV that costs Rs 75 Lakh in India (starting price) with her kids in the vehicle and can be seen entering her home. There’s a car following the woman and immediately enters the gates of the home just behind the Jeep, all of which is recorded on a CCTV camera.

What happens next could have left anyone panicked, but the driver kept her cool and not only saved her car, but also frightened the thieves so badly that they ran away. At least 3 robbers with guns in the hand came running towards the Jeep, with the fourth one still inside the other vehicle and started to bang the windows.

The woman driver reversed the SUV in speed, pushing the robbers’ car out of the gate. She didn’t stop there and moved her SUV in the forward gear, only to hit the robbers again with more impact, even though they were trying to flee. With the third hit on the car, the robbers left the vehicle and started to run on foot.

In an interview given to News24, she told that her daughter sustained minor bruises and the family has been receiving trauma counselling. “When I saw the video footage for the first time the following day, that’s when I realised what I had done,” she said. According to police, five suspects were apprehended for the failed robbery.

Our salute to this brave lady and a lesson to the fellow drivers here. If you have an SUV as big as a Jeep, use your car’s power to run away!