Both Kerala and Karnataka have the same bus names (KSRTC). How do people differentiate them?

It Can be identified in different ways.

  • One is their unique logo.
  • Another way is to check the registration number –

Kerala srtc always starts with “KL – 15” where as Karnataka srtc starts with “KA” (15 is a separate number only Kerala rtc buses in kerala, but in Karnata there is no such separate numeric which represents for its transport corporation)

  • People from respective states will easily identify as it has their native language usage in the route boards.

About the history of the brand name “KSRTC” Karnataka owns the trademark for using ksrtc but it seems like Kerala began using the KSRTC brand name in 1963, Karnataka started using the same name only in 1973. People who uses kerala srtc is majority from Kerala and more over it is service oriented for kerala people, they can easily identify its logo of elephants where as karnataka srtc has bigger organisational set up and running a great service business which makes profit and run across variety of areas in our Country as far as I know. The only way it can be identified is the emblem or colors used. But new generation buses from volvo and scania is used by both and it cannot be identified easily without knowing emblem. Interstate buses of kerala now a days uses “kerala state rtc” where as karnataka buses uses “ksrtc”.

For Kannadigas and Keralites, ‘KSRTC’ holds a unique significance- it goes beyond being just a means of transportation. Over the decades KSRTC- Kerala State Road Transport Corporation and Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation- has evolved into a brand of its own. However, a war of sorts now seems to be brewing between the two states over ownership of the ‘KSRTC’ brand name. Karnataka has secured the trademark on the name ‘KSRTC’ with a Gandaberunda icon (two-headed mythical bird)

Credit – Manu, Engineer at Tarams Software Technologies