Alert Traffic Cop Saves A Girl From Fatal Accident

Truck/bus drivers have to deal with much larger blind spots than the regular automobiles and it’s always a smart idea to be extra cautious around large vehicles. A young girl from Tirupati learnt it the hard way as she was almost run over by a bus. It was the quick response by a on-duty Tirupati Traffic cop that saved a young girl from what could’ve been a terrible accident.

While we appreciate the quick and alert response by the traffic cop, we do not promote violence. Instead of hitting the bus driver, the traffic cop should’ve seized his driving license. Also, we’re of the opinion that there should be stricter road laws against jaywalkers. Agree?

What measures should you take while being around big vehicles? As aforementioned, big vehicles like trucks and buses have wider blind spots which make them far dangerous. While driving/riding, avoid being too close to these vehicles. Use your car’s/motorcycle’s horn to alert the truck/bus driver.

Make sure to keep the overtakes quick and smooth. Pedestrians or people of bicycles need to be extra cautious. Make sure to raise your hand to get the driver’s attention before crossing the road. Do no try to squeeze through the gap between vehicles as it may turn fatal (something that could’ve happened to the young cyclist in the video).