Ashok Leyland is an Indian automobile company headquartered in Chennai, India. It is owned by the Hinduja Group.

Founded in 1948, it is the second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India, fourth largest manufacturer of buses in the world and 10th largest manufacturer of trucks globally. Operating nine plants, Ashok Leyland also makes spare parts and engines for industrial and marine applications.

A Tribute to Ashok Leyland Steering – Bus Driving Feel : VIDEO

It sold approximately 140,000 vehicles (M&HCV + LCV) in FY 2016. It is the second largest commercial vehicle company in India in the medium and heavy commercial vehicle (M&HCV) segment, with a market share of 32.1% (FY 2016).

With passenger transportation options ranging from 10 seaters to 74 seaters (M&HCV = LCV), Ashok Leyland is a market leader in the bus segment.

In the trucks segment Ashok Leyland primarily concentrates on the 16 to 25-ton range. However, Ashok Leyland has a presence in the entire truck range, from 7.5 to 49 tons.

To be more precise currently after BS4 specifications only Ashok Leyland uses IEGR system where there is no need of AD BLUE tank full up along with the Diesel Tank.

TATA and other brand trucks uses SCR sensor system, which make it costly by few thousands and sensor replacement consumes time and cost in case of repair.

Ashok Leyland is better in terms of mileage, quality and smoothness.

TATA on the other hand cheaper on price, sudden pick up.

But my final verdict will be Ashok Leyland as most of the driver if opted they stood for Leyland for its quality and never give up in middle of the road.

Additional point to be added that a part from the topic —-> both Bharatbenz is quite performer in HCV because of its 230 HP engine series compared to TATA PRIMA and Ashok Leyland Captain.

Especially in ghat section bharatbenz pickup with load is awesome and no other brand trucks can beat up this monster.