10 ridiculously STUPID things that Indians do on the road

Indian roads are said to be the most dangerous ones in the world. Most people do not take professional training while learning to drive and, hence, do not follow the rules that are set to keep everyone safe. What are the stupidest things that people do on Indian roads? Let’s find out.

Using sunroof to hang out

Sunroofs are quickly becoming a trend in the latest cars, and customers are increasingly looking for this feature when they buy new cars. With sunroofs becoming common, more Indians are using them to hang out of the vehicle. This is extremely dangerous, especially for children. Any sudden brake can throw them out. Also, debris like small stones from other vehicles may hit them and cause injuries. Electric wires also present a grave threat to such people hanging out of the sun roof. Sunroofs are meant to help recycle stale air inside the vehicle without much wind disturbance but a few Indians have different thoughts about it.

High beams

Most people do not have an idea of how to properly use a high beam, and they just keep it on all the time. High beams can be dangerous, especially on a single-lane undivided road. High beams can blind the cars in the opposite lane and can cause catastrophic accidents. High beams are meant to be used on highways, which have proper separators and are not lit. Inside the city limits, the street lamps provide enough light.

High beams are also used to indicate the vehicle ahead of you that you are about to make an overtaking manoeuvre or asking for a side to pass. They can be used inside the city limits on a dark stretch if there’s no other vehicle coming from the opposite side.

Hazard lamps

Hazard lamps are one of the most misused features on Indian roads. As the name suggests, hazard lamps are to notify other people about the hazard ahead. It is only to be used when braking suddenly on a fast moving highway due to an obstacle head or parking your vehicle on the side of the road. Many people use the hazard light as soon as it starts to rain or fog sets in. This gives a wrong impression to the vehicles behind and can cause accidents if vehicles in the rear brake in a panic. It is of utter importance to use hazard lights only when the vehicle is parked or is braking hard on the roads.

Not using ORVMs

Most vehicles on Indian roads change lanes without using indicators. Not knowing what is happening behind you is a big mistake. Many drivers prefer to keep the mirrors closed and do not even check the rear for high-speed vehicles while changing lanes or taking a turn. This causes inconvenience or even accidents on the road.

Taking reverse after missing a turn

Yes, we have seen so many of them taking the vehicle in reverse, on a busy highway, after they miss a turn. This is extremely dangerous, especially on high-speed highways and flyovers. Vehicles coming at high speed do not get a sense of the vehicle coming in reverse as the brake lamps are not on. This is extremely dangerous and motorists should be extra careful when their turn is about to come. If you miss a turn, it is always a good idea to take a detour and go in the right direction.


Many people live to stick behind other cars on the highway and drive at high speed. The chances of accidents multiply when a vehicle tailgates. Tailgating leaves no gap between two vehicles, and if the vehicle in front applies the brake suddenly the vehicle in the rear can crash and can cause a dangerous accident. Always give way to the tailgaters and try to keep a safe distance from them.

Parking on blind corners

Many people, especially in the mountains, just park their vehicles without considering how visible they are to other vehicles. Often such vehicles are parked at the blind turns where the occupants get out to take pictures or a break. While stopping on curvy roads, always ensure that the vehicle is visible to the traffic coming from both the sides. If it is parked at a blind turn, chances are that someone will hit the parked vehicle and cause an accident.

Most motorists prefer to take the wrong carriageway on highways instead of going ahead and taking a U-Turn. Such vehicles pose a huge threat and can cause major accidents. There have been accidents reported where vehicles on the right way swerved trying to save the vehicle coming from the wrong side. Mostly, motorcycles are seen taking wrong turns but cars are also not uncommon. If you see a vehicle on the wrong side, slow down and make sure that you announce your position by flashing the high beam and using the horn.

Using footpaths to ride

Many vehicles especially bikes and auto rickshaws quickly get on the sidewalks to zoom past slow traffic. Such people try to rejoin the main road after the obstacle and create a massive jam on the road. Staying in the lane during heavy traffic situations create less chaos and has been proven to improve the speed of the traffic.

Group riding and talking

There are many such instances, especially involving young riders, in India. Such individuals move in a bunch, while talking to each other, at a slow speed. Such groups do not even respond to horns and keep on riding while the traffic behind them slows down. This is extremely annoying and can be dangerous too.